Leather Tanning Industry: We are able to supply Chrome, Embossing plates, Embossing Machines, Ironing machines, Sammying Machines, Vibrational Stacking machines, Wooden Drums etc from China, BEST Grinding Wheels from Italy, Felts from France and Spares and Accessories for Spray Plants and all other kinds of machines from Italy.
Sports Industry: We can assist you by supplying various kinds of Raw materials and Chemicals such as MEK, Toluene, Swing Arm Hydraulic Cutting Machines, Travel Head Cutting machines from China, Italy and Germany.  We can also supply Stitching machines, Sewing machines from China, Taiwan and Japan.
Textile and Jute:  We can supply all kinds of machines of Jute Industry from China and spare parts from India.  For Textile, we are able to supply you with Indian Card Clothing machine and its spares.  We can also supply you Sliver Cans.  We are also in a position to supply 100% Polyester Fabric from China in Kind of construction.  We can also arrange supplies for you such as Zippers, Sliders, lining cloth from China's famous brands.
Other: Poly Carbonate Sheets, Decorative Material for Floor Lamination and Ceilings, Wood Working machines, Packaging machinery for Candy, Juice, Soft Drink, Ice Cream making machines, Embroidery machines, Lace machines, Stitching machines, Printing Inks, Dyes for Leather and Textile.